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Outdoor Awnings Manufacture, Installation And Removal Services

When it comes to awnings. There are many types of different services involved with them. Awnings not only add beauty to your outdoor space but also protects your outdoors from different elements, helping you save a lot of energy cost too.

For your awnings services, you can trust NJ Awnings to provide you with the best kind of awnings services. We come with the experience of many years and have been installing awnings commercially and in residential areas for a very long time.

Custom Awning Fabrication Services

NJ Awnings provide several awnings services for its customers. As we know, the weather in NJ and NYC is unpredictable. So many different types of businesses use awnings to protect their store and their houses from unpredictable weather changes. From manufacturing the awning for you to installing and removing them we provide different services. They include:

  • Site Survey:
    Before manufacturing your awning for you, a team at NJ Awnings surveys the site where your awning is going to be installed. In this survey, they note down the size of the area where your awning is going to be installed and at what height too. With this, they also check if your awning is going to require any permit to be installed or not. And once they are done with that the details are sent for the designers to manufacture your awning keeping these things in mind.
  • Awnings Installation:
    We have professional awnings installers at NJ Awnings that can install any type of awnings for you in very little time. Our crew not only arrives on time for the installation but also works efficiently to make sure that they install your awnings perfectly and the right way. And if your awning is to be a roof mount, our team takes time to install it in such a way that your roof does not leak too.
  • Awnings Maintenance:
    Awnings maintenance mainly involves the change of the material if it has been damaged due to some reason or the cleaning of your awning too. At NJ Awnings we have professional technicians that can easily change the fabric of your awning and install a new one- whichever material that you may have chosen. With this, we also provide awnings cleaning services too. Most of the awnings are easy to clean. We use our tools and ladders to reach the roof of the awnings to clean it thoroughly.
  • Awnings Removal & Replacement:
    Once you are done with your awning, or it has completed its life span our team of professionals can remove the awnings easily for you. With the awnings removal services, we can also replace your old awnings with the new ones that you have ordered from us. We acquire the latest technology tools to install different types of awnings for you whether at your patio, your yard, storefront, windows, or any other place.
  • Awnings Repair:
    Your awning can get damaged due to any reason, whether its fabric can get torn or the paint can get removed or it can be any other type of damage. We can repair that for you. At NJ Awnings we have professionals who can visit your residence or your store and check for the damage and can easily repair it for you. We possess the latest technology tools using which we can repair any type of damage done to your awnings.

Order Your Awnings From Us!

With all these services, we have many different tools and machinery that we use to manufacture exception awnings for you that not only increase the value of your property but also help you get recognized too. Furthermore, awnings help create a safe environment for your customers where they can stay to enjoy the weather or to get shelter from it. So call us now and order your awnings from us!